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"It's Not A Game"
An Original Screenplay
           Theodore K. Rudolph and Robert D. Cunningham

We are going to use our screenplay as a visual example of how we used the information presented on this web site to put a screenplay together. We have put comments throughout the screenplay to help you follow the story, and also provided some formatting instructions. 

The screenplay is our first, and being our first screenplay we had no knowledge of whether it was good, or bad. This is why we have also included a script analysis of our screenplay from screenwriter Paul W. Cooper (see the Screenwriter of the Month page for more information on Paul), and the edited script from Paul. The analysis of the script by Mr. Cooper is very helpful, because he pointed out all of the pitfalls that new screenwriters, such as ourselves, can fall into. 

From the script analysis you will notice that a rewrite will definitely need to be done on the screenplay. As we rewrite the screenplay we will post it on the site. 

The screenplays and analysis are in PDF format.


"It's Not A Game" is a romantic comedy about how Black men and women relate to each other today when it comes to dating. We know that Black men/ women relationships is currently a hot topic across the country. Everyone seems to be asking questions like "Why can't I find a good Black man today?", or "How come all the Black women I meet today seem to be playing games?"  We wrote this screenplay to try to address some of these dating questions, and hopefully provide a little insight into how Black men and women relate to each other today. 

Please let us know how you liked this screenplay, and the script analysis from Mr. Cooper. We are always open for any comments you may have (E-mail us, or use the feedback page of this site). We know that we don't need to tell you this, but PLEASE DO NOT COPY ANY PORTION OF THIS SCREENPLAY. It is copyrighted and registered. Thank you, and enjoy!


              "It's Not A Game" (346K)

"Its Not A Game" Script Analysis.(77K)

"Its Not A Game" Edited Screenplay. (702K)

The script analysis and edited screenplay was provided courtesy of 
Mr. Paul W. Cooper



Screenplay Example